Warsaw, Poland

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Thursday 11 June 2015

A short hop of one hour since leaving Latvia, I was in Warsaw.  A quick taxi ride of about 20 PLN (£4) from the Central train station and I was at my hotel.  A quick bag drop as I headed over the road for some food.  Unfortunately, the kitchen had finished for the evening at 9pm, so instead, I settled for Polish beer for 7 PLN (£1.40) and some peanuts.


As I was sat outside watching the traffic and world go by, I noticed that a few police had gathered at the junction.  No sooner had I realised that they had left their vehicles, a pickup truck blaring out “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard came hurling around the bend followed by thousands of rollerbladers…


Friday 12 June 2015

After a lazy morning, I went back over the road for brunch hoping that the restaurant kitchen I went to last night was open at midday.  I chose to eat here rather that in the hotel which would have set me back 85 PLN (£16) for the pleasure.  Instead, I had borsch (meat soup) and some potato and cheese Pierogi (dumplings).


After layering my stomach, I caught a taxi to the horse track stadium, to attend the Orange Warsaw Festival.  This was the main reason for visiting the city as Muse are to headline the event on Sunday.  After several bag checks, I rocked up to the VIP section which my wristband enabled me to enter.


Prepared to purchase my first beer, to my absolute sheer delight, all the drinks, food and cigarettes where included at no extra charge.  As I had one beer after another with some crisps and nuts, I reflected on how this is real VIP offering.  I didn’t spend a single Zloty as the evening finished with me watching Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds play their one and a half hour slot at 10:30pm.

The heavens had opened as it proceeded to dump chubby rain onto me and the crowd.  I was three rows from the front listening to anthems such as Champagne Supernova, What a Life and Digsby’s Diner.  With huge banging thunder and fork lightening in the background, Noel finished with Don’t Look Back in Anger to a massive applause.


Having endured the rain for over an hour, I had lost interest in watching The Chemical Brothers perform at midnight as I caught a taxi back to the hotel…

Saturday 13 June 2015

Knowing that the VIP section served food throughout the day, I skipped breakfast and headed off on foot to find a laundrette.  Hulking around 8kg of washing, I found out that the laundrette had closed at 1pm.  With dirty clothes in hand, I tromps off back to the hotel to catch a taxi back to the Orange Warsaw Festival.

Since I had enough of Perla beer last night, I started the day with a chicken salad before hitting the free Prosecco.


The line-up for the music wasn’t to my taste today so I relaxed on some outdoor sofas, soaking up the sunshine and being acquainted to a couple of German festival goers.  Travelling to so many places certainly has its benefits as you become gregarious and open to new friendships.  After laughing, chatting and watching the sun go down, I helped myself to some hot food of cod fillets and an assortment of pasta and vegetables.


I was about to leave the festival for the evening when my new German friends “forced” me to drink a few polish Vodka shots.  I concluded the night by stumbling into a taxi back to my hotel where I watched the sky light up again from the thunderstorms that had been brewing all evening…

Sunday 14 June 2015

Polish Vodka is certainly not to be taken lightly as I felt the after effects from last night.  First job was to reserve a train ticket onto my next destination.  I couldn’t see for the life of me, where I would be able to use my Interrail pass online when making the reservation, so I took a short taxi ride to the Central train station.  For a reservation fee of around 15 PLN (£3), I was all sorted.

I arrived at the VIP tent and had a very carb free breakfast of cold salad and a tomato juice.  To add some fat into the diet, I had some crisps on the side before crashing and taking a one hour power nap in a deck chair.


Today, the line up at the Orange Warsaw Festival was amazing.  First on the must see list was Bastille.  The crowd out in the field was certainly bigger than the previous two days as the sun shone down on us all.


Incubus were next on stage starting with a favourite of mine, “Wish you were here”.  As I listened from the VIP area on leather couches, laughing and joking with other festival goers, life certainly was great.

The main headlining act was Muse at 10:30pm.  I think they almost tripled the crowd today as everyone was getting very excited at seeing them live on stage.  Opening their set with “Psycho”, the lead singer Matt Bellamy showed the crowd why he is a guitar hero with an amazing voice.  I couldn’t contain my huge grin as they played all the old favourites such as Hysteria, Plug In Baby, Stockholm Syndrome as well as songs from their recently released album Drones.  Finishing to an encore of Knight of Cydonia, I left the horse race stadium a happy man…


Monday 15 June 2015

Having had a relatively sober evening last night with great music, I packed my rucksack which seems to have gained weight from all the extra little souvenirs I am picking up along the way.  After spending around 30 minutes in total researching hotels for my next destination, I went over the road for something to eat.  Today, I opted for the grilled chicken, roast potatoes and salad followed by spinach pierogi.


Back to the hotel, I picked up my left luggage and made my way to the central train station ready to leave Poland for the next country

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