Dresden, Germany

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Monday 15 June 2015

Leaving Berlin behind, I had a gentle 2 hour journey in first class, arriving in Dresden by 11am.  I only planned a whistle stop here so I deposited my 20kg+ rucksack at one the station lockers for 4 EUR.  Very handy indeed as I was ready to explore.


As I headed out of the station, I was welcomed by some beautiful buildings.  The first building I passed was the Katholische Hofkirche.  Mostly destroyed by the intense bombing during WWII, it has been rebuilt to what it once was.  Amazing how it looks so old yet it isn’t.


On my exploration, I saw other amazing buildings such as the Procession of Princes and Semper Opera House.


After walking the length of the city centre, I covered Dresden in about 4 hours.  I decided that I would move my reserved ticket to an earlier slot, so it was back to the main train station and on the 5:07pm train to my next destination

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