Cái Bè, Vietnam

(Day 14 – Part One) (Day 14 – Part Two)

Friday 10 April 2015

After yesterday’s full day of activities and culinary experience, it didn’t stop me carry out the phrase “The early bird catches the word”, or so they say.  Since breakfast was going to be so prompt, I thought I may as well get up for a 5:45am sunrise on the top deck of my river cruise into Cái Bè.  It was worth getting up for to see that bright orange sun come up with roosters on both sides of the bank waking up their owners.


Checking out of my cabin at 8am, I then hopped onto another smaller boat before being transferred onto a local long sampan paddled by an old lady with 2 oars.  This made my morning even more special as we paddled along a small river met with the occasional deafening sounds of mass cicadas.  Half an hour pootle, a circular trip completed, I was back on the smaller boat again to go to the floating market and then onto the Candy factory.


Here, I was treated to a demonstration of how to make coconut sweets and pop rice (like popcorn but with rice).  Of course, there was a stall for you to buy all those treats too.  I just settled for a tot of snake wine first and then honey tea with some banana chips instead.

IMG_8621 IMG_8625 IMG_8627

Surviving the upsell of Royal Honey and bees wax, I went on a 20 minute bike ride to see an ancient house belonging to Mr Kiet which was built in 1838.  Not much to see to be honest, but it gave me the opportunity to have a rest and eat the supplied mangoes, watermelon and jack fruit.  When I had just started to cool down, it was then up and off on a 10 minute walk back to the smaller boat to be transferred to my awaiting minivan in Cái Bè onto my next city….

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