Calm Way to Travel

Depending on departure location and funds not all of this is possible but with a bit of time, planning and essentially relaxed mind, things can slide much easier for you when flying.

1. Arrive a day ahead

If you can afford it or if you plan ahead, check yourself into a hotel airport. Many times, I’ve used the Sofitel at Gatwick and Heathrow the night before flying out of London. In some cases, I’ve managed to bag a £25 room at Gatwick.

Doing this means you can already relax knowing you’re going to make your flight the next day. You’ve immediately banished any worries about getting to the airport to catch that all important flight on the day. No worry about traffic delays, accidents or train cancellations.

2. Check in ASAP

Most flight desks open 3 hours before depart. Everyone knows that!! If you have bags to drop off, do it as soon as possible. Shed the load, less stress and strain having to drag that suitcase around. Also, you know you have plenty of time spare and not miss your flight.

If you’ve got carry on luggage only, check in online 24 hours before if not sooner so you can simply stroll through to security.

3. Security

Ok, the key here is to breathe. Perhaps it’s a stressful thing for some people but for me it’s “other people”!!!!

Help keep fellow passengers stress levels down to a minimum by, you guess it, planning ahead. It’s not a massive secret that at security, if you have a bag, you’ll need to take your laptop out, any liquids in a clear plastic bag, take off your jacket and anything in your trouser pockets. Oh, and your metal belt! If this is done before you get to the conveyor belt, you’ll simply glide through the metal detector and be on your way.

4. Shopping, eating and drinking

By now, you’ll hopefully have about 2 hours before you start thinking about boarding that flight to paradise. Chill, spend some money, grab a quick coffee and snack. Keep one eye on the departure board for your gate number and once you’re strapped into your seat, you’ll be smiling contently that it has all been such a breeze.

And that is why this cheekystarfish loves the whole airport experience. To me it forms part of the whole holiday and travel.



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