About Me

Born in 1977 in the North East of England, I haven’t always had an urge to travel and see things.  As a kid, I was always content and happy playing on my BMX, football and Commodore VIC 20 which I later upgraded to a Commodore 64 enjoying Operation Wolf as the game of choice.

Operation Wolf

(When games were games!!)


Always up to simple mischievous life trespassing cemeteries and fields to climb horse chestnut trees to build up my supplies of conkers for school.  Now-a-days, you’d be lucky to find a kid playing conkers in the playground due to ‘elf and safety!!


(We never felt it necessary to protect our eyes back in the day!!)


In between being an ordinary innocent northern lad, I managed to complete my education eventually ending up at the University of Teesside in Middlesbrough to study and walk out with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Science.  I decided to continue to pursue my career in Accountancy from 1999.  I had a one year placement before that and various summer work experience roles which helped me decide this is what I wanted to do.  So, starting life in County Durham, I saw myself slowly move down the country to Newark in Nottinghamshire, to Manchester and eventually Poole in Dorset.  Each location provided me with great experience and molded me into the expert in Accountancy in the freelance and contractor market.

On reflection, my mum and dad worked hard to provide for me and my sister and brother working long hours and grafting hard running restaurants and takeaways.  Since their passing, it’s made me appreciate how much they did for us in order to give us the best possible start in life.  Realising the world is such a big and wonderful place, I can’t let my parents hard work to provide for us go to waste.  Which brings me to the “present” that is 2014.

Like a light bulb moment, I decided to quit my job and see the world…………



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